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Adjustable Box Wool Picker

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The Original Busy Butler wool picker re-designed. Now adjustable! Perfect for all types of fiber.

Made from unfinished Poplar wood to offer the lowest price possible at the highest quality. Finally, an inexpensive box picker that can be efficiently used for all types of fiber!

This wool picker is perfect to take along with you wherever you go.

The "Busy Butler" will cut down those long hours spent trying to pick the wool by hand.

When you are ready to use, simply unclasp the slider and fold the latches down inside the picker.

As you pick the wool, it will automatically deposit it out the back through a handy slot built into the back of the picker, and right into the container, or bag you have ready to catch your fluffy fiber!


How does the Busy Butler out-perform other pickers?


  • Easy to use! Includes instruction manual with easy to follow diagrams helps you get started adjusting the picker and picking fiber!
  • Excellent option for all fiber types, from fine to coarse and everywhere in-between due to its hassle-free adjustable design.
  • No tools required for adjustments. Simply rotate the knobs on top to change aggressiveness!
  • When you're through using your picker, simply fold up the Busy Butler's two safety boards and latch them to the slider.
  • Safe. No need to put your hands near the points on this picker! Slider latches securely to the picker with safety boards, and folds down out of the way when you're ready to use!
  • The Busy Butler contains 136 sharpened points, with a picking area of 8 3/4" long and 6" wide.
  • Made from poplar hardwood.
  • Stays put. Equipped with screw-on rubber feet, your picker won't keep moving around the table while you’re using it.
  • 4 3/4" tall, (Not including handle), 27" long, and 9 1/2" wide.
  • Ships free to the lower 48 states.
  • See Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Dutch Flats Valley Creamery
The Bam Fiber picker

I thought of trying to build one? There are alot of YouTube videos. The short of it? I am stunned at the quality of this picker!
There is no way I could have made an adjustable picker. You can set the depth perfectly! I had it too aggressive and was tearing my wool. A lil adjustment fixed it. I love this machine! Worth every dollar!!!


Marvin Proehl
Remember When

High quality product. Works great easy to adjust and use. The only suggestion would be to put a teflon on the slide

Teresa B
BAM Wool Picker

I have always wanted a wool picker but have never felt like spending the money until I saw this one. The design and workmanship is exceptional and at such a reasonable price! You can adjust the tine distance - clear instructions included. Safety features protect from injury and assure safe storage. I can't believe what a good job it does! I processed a BFL cross fleece - very curly - that I thought had felted during the wash, but this picker turned it into clouds of fuzz! Can't wait to card and spin!

Jodi Savage
Great Picker!

After some research I chose this picker and was really glad I did! It came very well packed in just a few days. Well made and finished and has safety features when not in use. I like the adjustable feature for different types of fibers. All the wood is smooth and nice quality.

Cheryl Kaasinen
My beautiful gift to myself

I’ve waited ages to find the right picker. I’ve been without one for years because none seemed to be crafted with the care I was looking for.

I look for and have collected only the tools that I feel comfortable with and inspire me to work.

Desperately searching again on the internet lately, I stumbled upon the “busy butler.”

It is my christmas present to myself.
I definitely got it right.

It’s a vision to behold, so well crafted and cleverly constructed. The “feel” of the wood is comforting. And the action while working with it is like butter.

This lovely picker should cost more ( I can say that now that I have one) But really it’s pretty obvious when viewing the photos.
I take my prep tools seriously because I enjoy the process, but previous to finding my new picker I lacked the last necessary element.

I’m really elated with my beautiful new tool and wish I’d found it long ago, but,
better late than never! Thanks so much Baruch!!

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