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Wool Comb Holder

  • 2900

This handy comb holder can be clamped or screwed to a table to hold one comb stationary while you work the fiber with the free comb. Made from Cherry Wood and finished with Danish Oil Finish. The knob adds extra stability to the comb during use.
Comb Holder Only Fits Bam Fiber Works Combs
  • Redesigned Comb Holder Fits ALL Bam Fiber Works Combs. Our redesigned holders fit ALL our wool combs so you can add to your collection of combs that all fit perfectly into one system.
  • One system for all our combs and hackles. With our redesigned Holder, all our Combing supplies all share the same holder and clamps so they work flawlessly with each other. All using the same holder. The new clamps can be also used interchangeably with our Hackles.
  • Two clamps included with every holder.
  • Extra Clamps can be purchased for a stronger table corner mount using 3 clamps.
  • Easily turn one comb into a mini hackle. A comb holder also makes easy work of pulling fiber off the comb using a diz, or by hand.
  • Note: The Comb Holder table clamps can grip to a surface up to 2” thick. Table or counter MUST have a square edge to clamp from the front. If the surface you are clamping to has a beveled edge, you will need to clamp it to the corner for a proper hold. (One clamp is on the back of the holder and one diagonally across at the front.)

A little about us...

All our combs and hackles are designed and handcrafted in our woodshop on our small farm in Central KY. I guarantee you will be absolutely 100% happy with your purchase. I try to offer the absolute best customer service possible with free returns for any reason. (Even if you accidentally order the wrong size or type!)
Questions? I would love to help!
Bam Fiber Works

Customer Reviews

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Jenifer Ebel
Great Design!

Not sure why I didn't order this when I got my combs because I knew I'd want it. I like having the option to clamp one comb. This, like everything I have from Bam, is nicely designed and well-thought out. The base of the holder and of the clamps have little cork surface protectors and the clamps tighten down with easy-on-the-hands knobs. Nice touch! Bam does it again.

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