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Regular Wool Combs- Single or Double Row - Fine or Extra Fine

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These 'Regular' combs are our most popular option. If you are unsure what size comb to get, go for this one. This is your go-to comb for the majority of projects. Just be sure to choose the correct tine spacing for your fiber. (See bottom of description for help deciding)
Designed for the best balance between size and weight They will fit perfectly in any Bam Fiber Works comb holder. (Sold Separately) The working area of this comb is 3 1/4" wide.

For help selecting the right combs check our our easy guide and comparison of all our combs below.

Included is: A pair of wool combs with optional comb caps

  1. Select your Comb Pitch (If you would like Single or Double Row combs.)
  2. Select the tine spacing. (Fine or Extra Fine) For help deciding, see below.
  3. Select if you would like our Magnetic Comb Caps included.

What makes our combs special?

  • Smooth Points won't snag on your fiber.
  • A long taper is very important to easily penetrate the fiber instead of pushing it out of the way. Each pin is professionally made in an 8 step process for the highest quality tines.
  • Sharp, but not too sharp. A micro beveled tip on the points keep them sharp but not too sharp. Needle sharp points are dangerous to use, and easily bend the very tips if dropped.
  • Sturdy Tines. Not all Stainless steel is created equal. There are a variety of Stainless-steel grades with varying strengths and weaknesses. We use the stronger options for the superior combing experience.
  • Comfortable to hold and use. Ergonomic, one-piece hardwood handle feels natural in your hand.
  • Handcrafted in the USA from Cherry, sanded smooth, and finished with hand rubbed Danish Oil Finish.
  • Lightweight. The tines are 3.25 inch by 4 inch perfectly balancing weight and working area.
  • Cork Pads on holder and Clamps grips your table, and won't leave scratches.
  • With special thanks to Susan Mcfarland (Author of Combs Combs Combs) for her expert advice, feedback, and input throughout the designing process.
  • One system for all our combs and hackles. With our redesigned Holder, (sold separately here: ( ) all our Combing supplies all share the same holder and clamps so they work flawlessly with each other. The new clamps in our redesigned holder can be used interchangeably with our Hackles as well.

Now with (Optional) Magnetic Comb Caps!

  • Quick and easy to install and use. These comb covers snap on and off in a second.
  • Holds firmly to the comb with a strong magnet. No need to worry about the cap falling off as you carry them around.
  • You can install the cap while the Comb is full of fiber. Only covers the sharp points while leaving the rest of the comb open. If you need to set a full comb down you can clip on a cap until you have a chance to diz off your fiber.

What Combs do I need. Fine? Extra Fine? Super Fine?
Each comb has its own purpose. I recommend starting with the combs you will use most often and add to your collection as you need.
Fine: Perfect for most medium fibers like Romney, Suffolk, Shetland, Blue-face Leicester, and similar fibers . The tines are set approx. ¼” apart.
Extra Fine: Perfect for most finer fibers like Alpaca, Merino, Rambouillet and similar fibers. If your locks are very thin and tightly crimped you may need these combs to hold the fiber better than the Fines. The tines spaced approx. 3/16” apart.
Super Fine: (or Ultra Fine) These combs are designed for those fleeces with fine, thin, small, slippery, locks. Fibers like Angora rabbit, Pygora goat, especially fine Suri Alpaca and similar. Our Super Fine Combs are made with thinner pins than the rest of our combs and have 3 rows instead of the standard double row. This helps the combs hold onto those thinner fibers that slip through the pins of the the extra fine combs. The working area of this comb is 2 7/8" wide.

Single or Double Row?

Double Row: (Also known as 2 pitch) This is the most common and versatile comb. Double row combs help separate out the shorter fibers and second cuts from the longer stronger fibers. The unwanted waste will be left in the small space between the front and back row.
Single Row: (Also known a single pitch) These are very useful for blending double coated fleeces, or any time you want to keep all the fiber together.

Mini, Regular or Large Combs? What's the difference?

Note: These terms refer to the actual size of the combs.(Not the tine spacing) In any of these options, you can purchase them in Fine, or Extra Fine, Single or Double Row. (see above)
Mini Combs: These are our smallest, lightest weight combs. Perfect for doing small batches of fiber. When you first hold one you will be instantly in love with it! It's small size makes it easier on your wrists, arms and shoulders than larger/heavier combs. They will fit perfectly in any Bam Fiber Works comb holder. The working area of this comb is 2 1/2" wide.
Regular Combs: (This listing is a Regular Comb set) These are our most popular combs. If you are unsure what you need, go for this one. You won't be disappointed. Designed for the best balance between size and weight They will fit perfectly in any Bam Fiber Works comb holder. The working area of this comb is 3 1/4" wide.
Large Combs: These are our Largest basic combs. If you want to be able to comb more at a time this is the option for you! A slightly longer handle than our Mini and Regular combs with a larger working area. We redesigned our holder to fit these combs as well as our other combs. If you already own one of our holders make sure it has our logo stamped on it to ensure you have the redesigned holder! The working area of this comb is 4" wide.

A little about us...
All our combs and hackles are designed and handcrafted in our woodshop on our small farm in Central KY. I guarantee you will be absolutely 100% happy with your purchase. I try to offer the absolute best customer service possible with free returns for any reason. (Even if you accidentally order the wrong size or type!)
Questions? I would love to help!
Bam Fiber Works

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kathryn M.
Beautiful combs

There are a number of things about these combs that are so nice. The feel of the wood handles mold to your hands, the tines are strong and they are lightweight. Very happy with my purchase.


So well made and the magnetic covers really stay on! I recently reached out and asked if I needed a different kind of comb for a different kind of wool that I have. Instead of recommending a different product that would have been another sale for him he gave me advice as to how to use my combs better. Not only are they beautiful but the customer service is awesome!

Jane Yarn
Love the magnetic covers!!

These are great combs! the covers are a must-have. Such a great tool to have in the toolbox!

What a joy these combs are

These combs are beautifully made. I've been combing my Shetland fleeces with great results on the fine double row combs.
These same combs work equally as well on a Romney X fleece.
I really recommend the magnetic covers to protect the tines, they also are beautifully made.

S Brown
Very pleased

These are my first combs from BAM (I ordered the Regular Combs - Double Row - Fine) and I am very happy with them. I work mainly with coarser longwools such as Lincoln, Cotswold and Border Leicester and wanted these to do the finer work that my Viking wide combs can't do.

With the adult fleeces, I have a three step process: flick the ends open, comb once with the wide, comb 3x with the BAM fine double row. With the lamb fleeces, I skip the wide combs and just do these 3x. Fantastic!

Also, the caps are very handy and appreciated!

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