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Wool Combs w/Holder- Smooth Points - Stainless Steel Tines - Cherry Wood

  • 12200

Smooth points, stainless steel tines, and crafted from cherry wood with a Danish oil finish. These combs are your perfect go-to. Available in Fine and Extra fine, there’s an option for all fiber types.

Included is: A set of wool combs (Choose fine or Extra fine), Comb Holder, and 2 Table Clamps. 

What makes our combs special?

  • Smooth points won’t catch on your fiber. The points on these combs are silky smooth with a long taper to allow them to slide through your fiber without catching.
  • Sharp, but not too sharp. We apply a micro tip bevel on the points to keep them from being too sharp but allowing them to penetrate your fiber smoothly. Needle sharp points are unnecessary and dangerous to use.
  • Won’t rust. Our tines are made from sturdy stainless steel, if you need to spritz your fiber with a little water to keep the static down, you won’t have to worry about rusting the points.
  • Comfortable to hold and use. Ergonomic, smooth, one-piece handle feels natural in your hand.
  • Beautiful. Made from cherry hardwood and finished with hand rubbed Danish Oil Finish.
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight. The tines are 3.25 inch by 4 inch perfectly balancing weight and working area.
  • Available in two sizes

          Fine: Perfect for medium fibers. The tines are set approx. ¼” apart.

          Extra Fine: Perfect for finer fibers. The tines spaced approx. 3/16” apart.

  • Ships free to the lower 48 States.
  • The included wool comb pad can be clamped or screwed to a table to hold one comb stationary while you work the fiber with the free comb.
  • Made from Cherry Wood and finished with Danish Oil Finish.
  • Handy Knob adds extra stability to the comb during use.
  • A comb holder makes easy work of pulling fiber off the comb using a diz, or by hand.


The table clamps can grip to a surface 2 ½” or thinner. Table or counter MUST have a square edge to clamp from the front. If the surface you are clamping to has a beveled edge, you will need to clamp it to the corner for a proper hold.

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