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Wool Combs w/Holder- Smooth Points - Stainless Steel Tines - Cherry Wood

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Smooth points, stainless steel tines, and crafted from cherry wood with a Danish oil finish. These combs are your perfect go-to. Available in Fine and Extra fine, there’s an option for all fiber types.

Included is: A set of wool combs (Choose fine or Extra fine), Comb Holder, and 2 Table Clamps. 

What makes our combs special?

  • Smooth points won’t catch on your fiber. The points on these combs are silky smooth with a long taper to allow them to slide through your fiber without catching.
  • Sharp, but not too sharp. We apply a micro tip bevel on the points to keep them from being too sharp but allowing them to penetrate your fiber smoothly. Needle sharp points are unnecessary and dangerous to use.
  • Won’t rust. Our tines are made from sturdy stainless steel, if you need to spritz your fiber with a little water to keep the static down, you won’t have to worry about rusting the points.
  • Comfortable to hold and use. Ergonomic, smooth, one-piece handle feels natural in your hand.
  • Beautiful. Made from cherry hardwood and finished with hand rubbed Danish Oil Finish.
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight. The tines are 3.25 inch by 4 inch perfectly balancing weight and working area.
  • Available in two sizes

          Fine: Perfect for medium fibers. The tines are set approx. ¼” apart.

          Extra Fine: Perfect for finer fibers. The tines spaced approx. 3/16” apart.

  • Ships free to the lower 48 States.
  • The included wool comb pad can be clamped or screwed to a table to hold one comb stationary while you work the fiber with the free comb.
  • Made from Cherry Wood and finished with Danish Oil Finish.
  • Handy Knob adds extra stability to the comb during use.
  • A comb holder makes easy work of pulling fiber off the comb using a diz, or by hand.
  • The table clamps can grip to a surface 2 ½” or thinner. Table or counter MUST have a square edge to clamp from the front. If the surface you are clamping to has a beveled edge, you will need to clamp it to the corner for a proper hold.
  • With special thanks to Susan McFarland for her expert advice, feedback, and input throughout the designing process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Debra Ridgeway
Excellent quality

I haven’t got to use my new combs / with holder yet. I can say that they are beautiful appear to be very well made and I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Elizabeth Neal
fun with Bam Wool Combs

I decided to comb my Cormo fleece myself before putting it on the blending board with other fibers instead of mailing it out. Such fun & much cheaper! Love the combs!

Good product

These shipped very quickly and are great quality, I’ve used them for over a month now with over a pound of wool so far. I slightly bent one tine (due to my negligence in combing) but it hasn’t impacted functioning. The clamps even work on my very thick lipped table. These are my first combs that I’ve ever used but I am very satisfied with the product.

Amanda Wilson
Combs are gorgeous

They work well and I'm very pleased with them. They are very beautiful and should last a lifetime. I would purchase again. :) Thank you for great workmanship!

Mark Snow
Really nice

I got them as a Christmas gift and couldn't be happier! They are solid and seem to be very well made! Thank you to you and Santa. 😉

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