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12 Quality Groz-Beckert Felting Needles with Storage Tube

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These are high quality Groz-Beckert triangle 3" Felting needles.
Sold in Packs of 12

With unpainted shanks, these needles are perfect for use in all felting needle tools as well as use by hand.

40g Needles: Perfect for finer fibers and finishing work. Leaves a smaller hole than the coarser needles and is the easiest of the 3 gauges to punch into the fiber. Because of its small size it's also the most fragile.

38g Needles: These needles are a perfect in between gauge. They are sturdy, not too coarse, and not too fine. They can be used for most fibers making them an excellent option for your everyday projects. They are what are included with our felting tools and are probably the most used needle.

36g Needles: A very coarse needle. This one felts the fastest of the 3, it is the sturdiest of the 3 as well as the hardest to punch into the fiber. It's best used for early felting, and for coarse fibers.

Customer Reviews

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Molly Kittleson

Haven’t had a chance to use these needles yet, but they’re Groz-Beckert so I know they are top quality!
They were delivered in a flash & I love the tubes.
Thank you!

Great Needles

So glad to be able to get Groz-Beckert needles outside UK. Nice to have storage tube included for spare needles. Thank you!!

Lori Hofferber

I haven’t used the needles yet

M Pearson

The felting needles met my expectations. Thank you for your prompt service.

Denise Routhier
12 Pack Felting Needles

Great to have a source of needles in bulk, with a range of sizes. Fast shipping! Will order regularly. Thank you!

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